10 Low Light Indoor Plants that you can Grow



Sounds so good to grow a plant with very low sunlight.

Plants bring life to a room apart from fresh air, removing toxins and breathing out enough oxygen.

Office spaces look cooler and calm when ae are around indoor plants.

From low light to no light indoor plants.

Needless to say, planting an indoor garden is the best home decor you can have.

If you are wondering what plants can grow without sunlight then here is a list of low-light indoor plants that you can grow without any direct or natural light.

Oh some of them grow well in artificial lights too.

indoor plants for a low-light ambience



bromeliads low light indoor plants

Starting my list with the most beautiful Bromeliads.

Perfect for home or office space.

Bromeliads do not grow in soil, they prefer moss.

They do not like excess water either. So, let the root dry out completely before you water again. Once in 2 weeks is enough.

This is a houseplant that needs very little light.

They can even grow in artificial light.



peace lily low light indoor plants

The white flowers of peace lily are so beautiful and calm.

The sturdy green leaves are great for air purification.

You can find more air-purifying plants here.

Peace lily requires low sunlight but would flower more comfortably in natural sunlight.

Needs to be watered only once a week and even the leaves will droop as a reminder that it needs water now 🙂

It is toxic to cats and dogs.



spider plant

Spider plants are very fast to grow.

just like peace lily, it is a great air-filtering plant.

It can grow in artificial light too.

Water only when the topsoil is dry.

Completely pet safe.



begonia hanging indoor plant

This is a perfect plant for home decor.

It comes in different vibrant colors.

Grows well in low sunlight areas.

This is a low-light hanging plant that looks beautiful anywhere in the room.

Here are 7 other hanging plants that will enhance the beauty of the room with pretty low maintenance.



weeping fig low light indoor plants

Weeping figs thrive well in low-light conditions.

But, if the leaves start dropping then move it to a place where it can receive a little bit more sunlight.

Weeping figs love moist soil but not waterlogged roots.

Toxic to cats and dogs.




The stripped oval green leaves look beautiful.

Got its name from its resemblance with watermelon.

Do not like water to sit on them, so water only when the topsoil is dry.

The watermelon peperomia plant does not like any direct sunlight.



zz plant true low light houseplant

This is one of the true low-light houseplants.

A gorgeous green low-maintenance indoor plant.

Loves indirect sunlight.

Water once in a fortnight. No other maintenance is required.

Perfect for non-humid air.

So, brighten up your office space with this very low-maintenance ZZ plant.




Dracaena can withstand negligency and still grow strong.

Easy to grow and allow the soil to be fry to water again.

Low light is not a problem but is toxic to cats and dogs.



snake plant low light indoor plants

It tolerates quite a low light condition or you can say it is a true low light houseplant.

The snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue looks lovely for home decor.

This is also a top air-filtering plant according to NASA.

Do not overwater.



money plant

I love these shiny, leathery leaves.

It comes in different varieties and I love the vine one most.

It requires little water. Once a week is just fine.

You can just pot it and forget about it.

This is one of the best low-light indoor plants.

Non-toxic to pets.


My Take on Low-Light Indoor Plants

Every houseplant looks beautiful whether it is a low-light fragrant indoor plant or a plant that does well in dark rooms.

Simply add a houseplant with a beautiful indoor planter that brings the difference to your home decor and freshness.


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