Recommended Products

These are no affiliate products. Just the products that I loved and wanted to share with you to enhance home decor. Every product listed here might just help you with your room decor ideas and tips.

wall decor clock

Mid-Century Wall Clock From Etsy

HKD 399.35

feathered mirror
Feathered Mirror from Nestasia

5750 INR

ivy led strips
Artificial Ivy Led from Amazon


amazing vase
Beige Aesthetic Ceramic Vase Set from Amazon


Hydroponics Growing System
Hydroponics Growing System from Amazon

$ 89.98

Large branch wall decor
Large Branch Hanger Wall Decor from Etsy

HKD 1396.58

Octopus and Diver Resin Night Lights
Resin Night Lights from Amazon

HKD 504.89

Flannel Pillow Case from Amazon

$ 13.99

Ceramic tree Christmas Lanterns

HKD 566.54